The Rules

Please Read Before Posting

  • Please select the appropriate category for your post.
  • Keep it clean. There is no need for obscenities to get your point across. Its just as effective to say “holy crap” or “what the frig”. It’s ok to scream. Let your passion on the subject come out. Don’t cause our censors to pull your post. It’s of no value to anyone if we have to do that.
  • Censored posts will have one opportunity to repost acceptable content.
  • There is a timer placed in view as you are recording your own submissions to keep audio posts within the two minute time frame
  • Avoid using specific names of persons or places. Rather, use terms which everyone will understand, like “the prison warden in Arizona”, “a senator from Connecticut”, or an athlete who recently was stripped of his titles due to drug abuse”.
  • Absolutely no hate messages.
  • Absolutely no bullying.
  • Any post which solicits a business by way of name, website, or phone number will be removed.
  • Do not reveal your own name, address, or personal information while posting.
  • It is ok to create a group audio message. Grab a friend and step up to the podium. Avoid over speaking each other. Do not engage in inappropriate comments on the post. No organization, group, or club solicitation or promoting allowed.
  • Audio posts will be available for listening for up to 6 months after submission, after which they will be deleted.
  • Once submitted, audio posts will become property of

Please tell your friends about this site. Lets keep our messages going strong. I am an average, middle-class American that simply wants to give other average Americans a chance to speak their mind and be heard by many.

I appreciate your support and contributions, which enable this site to keep going, while giving us all a voice…Thank you!

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